Unique Technology

Through our automated technology, we are able to remotely monitor each vending machine 24 hours, seven days a week. Such technology allows us to receive alerts related to machine performance or change in inventory.
A successful automated refreshment program is no longer just about products and machines, it is about TECHNOLOGY.

Never Thirsty Vending facilitates the development of a true vending partnership by opening the door to all transactional data collected by the machine. We provide accurate cashbox reporting with a sophisticated and advanced technology platform which enables us to work alongside our clients to provide accurate financial information, maximize sales and create a worry-free vending environment.

Are you being R-factored?
Re-factoring is a widespread industry practice amongst some traditional vending companies. So, what is R-factoring? It is a process where a site’s sales commission payment is reduced either by an arbitrary amount or by a percentage.

To protect our clients, Never Thirsty vending uses proprietary technologies that give actual machine sales data and increase product sales volume by tailoring your machine to plan-o-grams.
Based on the real-time analysis and historical sales reports, we provide our customers with the products they need and replace slow-moving products with alternative choices.