A successful automated refreshment program is no longer just about products and machines. It is about TECHNOLOGY. At Never Thirsty Vending we use State of the Art technology which is an automated refreshment program that remotely monitors each vending machine 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Such technology allows us to plan, control and evaluate each and every operation.

Through this technology, we provide accurate cashbox reporting with an advanced platform that enables us to work alongside our clients and provide them with accurate financial information in order for them to maximize product sale value.

Are you being R-factored?
R-factoring is a widespread industry practice amongst some traditional vending companies. So, what is R-factoring? It is a process where a site’s sales commission payment is reduced either by an arbitrary amount or by a percentage.

Using the State of Art Technology allows us to monitor each vending machine so that we can:
– Give our customers the products they want based on real time analysis and historical sales data.
– Provide monthly customized sales and commission reports to our clients.
– Monitor equipment status and receive alerts related to performance or inventory,
– Quickly respond to equipment malfunctions, reducing downtime.
– Increase customer satisfaction by keeping every piece of equipment clean, properly maintained and well stocked.

Our Technology:

Proprietary technology

Through which we remotely monitor each vending machine around the clock for better planning, control and evaluation.

Accurate cashbox reporting

We work alongside our clients to provide accurate financial information, and maximize sales.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

We give our customers the products they need based on real time analysis and sales data.

continuous improvement

Our software is evaluated and upgraded periodically to ensure The best service for our clients.

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